Get Well Soon EP

by santiparro

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This is a series of lo-fi bedroom recordings utilizing basic garageband software without any external interface or microphones. It is for the children. It is for the healing.


released July 20, 2010




santiparro Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Jaguars Eat The Darkness
if you don't already know
it's never too late to learn

the great work is underway
and you're a part of it
the universe is expanding
and you're a star in it
a lotus flower blossoming
from the heart of it infinitely

every person you see on the street
smile and say hello
because they are all your family
and this is our home
I am you and you are me
and we are not alone
now you see

if you don't already know
well it's never too late

but everything you choose to do
it becomes you
so hiding in the shadows
is what shadows do
remember the golden rule
if you're wanting to

and if you're in the darkness
just remember
jaguars eat the darkness
and you're a shapeshifter
Track Name: The River Is Growing
the river is growing
growing and growing
the river is flowing
back to the sea

mother carry me
your child I will always be
mother carry me
back to the sea

mama we are praying for your healing
Track Name: I Raise My Hands Up High
I know what my body is for
my body is a vessel
to receive the light
to reflect the light
to perceive this life
do you see the light?
my body is a temple

can you feel the light?
do not fear the light

I feel how my heart connects
to the heart of the cosmos
and the heart of every human soul

every plant and all the animals

the kingdom of the minerals

the vibration of the infinite fractal

I raise my hands up high
Track Name: Beautiful Ceremonies
the people of the worlds
are colorful and bright
and create beautiful ceremonies

they walk together now
to remind
sleeping people in this world
of peace

it comes from within
and all the colors are within too
you are all the worlds and they you
all the bright light's within you

we walk together now
to remind
all the sleeping people in this world
of peace

all the bright lights within you
Track Name: Shapeshifter Reprise
jaguars eat the darkness
and you're a shapeshifter
it's never too late to learn
that you're a shapeshifter